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Race Info


Start the race from the Luling Watermelon Thump Pavilion with a challenging but reasonable 12 mile route. We send you right down our “Main Street”, past two of the top 50 best BBQ joints in Texas according to Texas Monthly, past some of our unique local stores, the Watermelon shop (with its HUGE 3D melons out front. I’ve always said, when they’re that big, you know they’re fake…), Brushy Creek Outdoors, Blake’s Café, Luling Icehouse Pottery, then out to the county where you can enjoy some hills and some flats, sure to please every level rider. On your ride, you’ll notice awesome scenery and the “World’s Largest Watermelon” the Famous Watermelon Tower behind the Police Department. Since you’ll be in the Watermelon Capitol of Texas that really shouldn’t surprise you! Helmets are mandatory.


You’ll end your bike ride back at the Thump Pavilion, and you’ll begin your 3.2 mile run. This run parallels the railroad tracks that run thru town and are rumored to have helped give our town its name. Some of the old timers say that our City was named after a Chinese railroad worker (Lu Ling); others say that it was the maiden name of a railroad builder’s wife. Whatever the case, railroads are a part of our local culture, and while you’re huffin, puffin and self-loathin, odds are you’ll have a chance to race an ‘iron horse’ on the way down Hwy. 90 to the beautiful San Marcos River.


You’ll finish the run down at the San Marcos River and begin the 6 mile paddle. The first couple strokes are going to hurt and you’ll feel awfully weak after mostly using your leg muscles in the last two portions of the race. We’re ok with that, Luling was once known as the “Toughest Town in Texas”, that aint an easy reputation to hold in the Lone Star State, and if you want to hang with us, you gotta earn the right. This portion of the race takes place on a six mile stretch of the San Marcos River which has been designated as the Texas Park and Wildlife’s first inland paddling trail. The first three miles is a fast, narrow course with numerous sweepers and obstacles with the final three miles relatively benign due to backwater from the Zedler Dam. Personal flotation devices (PFDs) are required.

You’ll finish down at Zedler Mill where the Beer, BBQ, Watermelon and music are waiting for you. All your friends not cool or brave enough to compete can join you and your family members down at Zedler Mill where we’ll all celebrate how awesome you are for finishing.

Now hustle up!

Shuttles will be available at the Mill to transport you back to the Thump Pavilion and the Hwy 90 River Bridge.

                                                 When you register, choose which badge you’ll back, the Police or the Fire Dept.

                                                                   Cause nothing brings us together like a lil competition!

RACE DATE: Sunday, September 7, 2014.


RACE ORDER: Bike 12 Miles, Run 3.23 Miles, Paddle 6 Miles.

Bike portion of race will start and end at the Thump Pavilion, 317 E. Davis St. Luling, TX 78648.

You will run from the Thump Pavilion to the River Park where the Paddle will start at the San Marcos River Park (AKA Seguin River Bridge), 2700 W. Pierce St., Luling, TX 78648

Paddle will end at Zedler Mill, 1170 S. Laurel St., Luling, TX 78648

The awards, BBQ, beer and ‘mixer’ will also be at the Zedler Mill.

TIMES: Competative Division stages at 7:20 a.m. Just for Fun Division stages at 7:35 a.m. All checkpoints will be open by 7:30 a.m.

RACE START TIME: 7:30 a.m. for competative, 7:45 a.m. for fun.

SOLO-DIVISIONS: (One person= just you and your ego!)

  • MALE- age 19 and under
  • MALE- age 20-29
  • MALE- age 30-39
  • MALE- age 40-49
  • MALE- age 50-59
  • MALE- age 60+
  • FEMALE- age 19 and under
  • FEMALE- age 20-29
  • FEMALE- age 30-39
  • FEMALE- age 40-49
  • FEMALE- age 50-59
  • FEMALE- age 60+

Age bracket determined by your age on the day of the race.

TAG TEAM DIVISIONS: (Two people= One bike, other run, both paddle in the same boat)

  • Both Males
  • Both Females
  • One Male, One Female

RELAY TEAM DIVISIONS: (Two or Three people= one bike, one run, one paddle)

  • All Male Teams
  • All Female Teams
  • Coed Teams

TANDEM DIVISIONS: (Two people= both bike, both run, both paddle in same boat.

  • Both Males
  • Both Females
  • One Male, One Female
  • Anything goes! We’re only awarding the First place overall finisher in this division. Female, Male, mixed, whatever- only the fastest will win this one!

The Top competitor or team, in each division will be awarded.